• Community Mental Health Centers

    Community Mental Health Centers are
    treatment centers that recieve federal
    funding guaranteed by the 1963
    Community Mental Health Act.

    Addiction Related Support

    Mental health issues are often
    accompanied by drug addiction
    such as alcohol or prescription
    drug abuse. We list centers that
    provide dual-diagnosis rehab.

    Low-cost and affordable Options

    FreeMentalHealth.us is a compilation
    of thousands of mental health facilities
    that provide free but also affordable
    and Low-cost options destined to
    individuals in financial need.

    Crisis and Emergency support

    We list crisis and emergency
    support services and networks
    such as suicide prevention hotlines
    and resources.

    Mental Health Services

Mental Health Services

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Community Mental Health Centers

Addiction Related Support

Low-cost and affordable Options

Crisis and Emergency support

Detroit Recovery Project Eas...

1121 East McNichols
Highland Park, MI - 48203
(313) 365-3100

New Light Recovery Center

300 West McNichols Street
Highland Park, MI - 48203
(313) 867-8015

ACC Dearborn

13840 West Warren
Dearborn, MI - 48126
(313) 584-7287

Connor Creek Life Solution -...

4777 East Outer Drive
Detroit, MI - 48234
(313) 369-5800

Detroit Recovery Project wes...

1145 West Grand Blvd.
Detroit, MI - 48208
(313) 365-3100

Nardin Park Recovery Center ...

9605 West Grand River Avenue
Detroit, MI - 48204
(313) 834-5930

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