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Last updated on Nov 12, 2021

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3401 East Raymond St.
Indianapolis, IN - 46203

T (317) 957-2100

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About Barrington Health Center

Barrington Health Center provides a family clinic that also provides Behavioral Health Services at little to no cost.

The Behavioral Health Services Provided:

Individual and family counseling
Specialized counseling and referrals to cope with substance use disorders
Referrals for psychological and psychiatric assessment and consultation (you must be established with our primary care doctors in order to utilize psychiatry)

HealthNet accepts all Medicare, Medicaid, Hoosier Healthwise plans and most commercal insurance plans. HealthNet has a sliding fee scale for those who are eligible.

Clinic hours:
Mon 8 AM 8 PM
Tues 8 AM 8 PM
Wed 8 AM 5 PM
Thurs 9 AM 5 PM
Fri 8 AM 5 PM

You can fill out the forms for admission at the link provided above.

Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) Insurance Coverage For Mental Health

Obamacare purchased from the Health Care Marketplaces covers Mental Health Care and Substance Use Disorder Treatment. Under the Health Care Law there are 10 categories of benefits. Mental Health Care and Substance Abuse Treatment are two of the 10.

If you have Affordable Care Act Coverage you will have mental health care coverage.

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