Barling, AR Free Mental Health Centers

State of Arkansas Government Funded and Non Profit Free Mental Health Centers
Before you search anywhere, check our list of free mental health services in Barling, AR.

You many not even know that you qualify. That is why you need to check our listings first before signing up for a costly therapist or counselor that you may be able to get for free.

Listings include:
- Free Psychological Counseling Services, Therapists
- Free Mental Health Clinics
- Sliding Fee scale Behavioral Health Centers based on income
- Short and long term residential mental health clinics.
- Co-ocurring disorder treatment for mental health and alcohol / substance abuse services.

Top Two Types of Addictions Treated At Behavioral Health Centers:
1. Chemical, drug addictions
2. Behavorial Addictions

Examples of Behavioral Addictions Treated At These Mental Health Centers:
- Sex, including porn addiction.
- Gambling addictions includes sports addiction, casino online electronic gambling, etc.
- Internet addictions including online games (also listed below). Often called Internet Addiction Disorder which is compulsive internet usage.
- Shopping, includes online shopping.
- Video game addiction.
- Plastic surgery.
- Binge eating, food addiction.
- Depression

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Valley Behavioral Health System

10301 Mayo Drive
Barling, AR - 72923

(479) 494-5700


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Mental Health Centers near Barling

Due to the low number of listings in Barling, we have added additional nearby mental health services.

Western Arkansas Counseling and

3111 South 70th Street
Fort Smith, AR - 72903

(479) 452-6650


Western Arkansas Counseling and

3109 South 70th Street
Fort Smith, AR - 72903

(479) 452-9490


Western Arkansas Counseling and

174 North Welsh Avenue
Booneville, AR - 72927

(479) 675-3909

Services: Individual, Group, & Family Therapy Co-Occurring Alcohol & Substance Use Programs Medication Assisted Treatment Community Integration Programs School Based Therapy Services Therapeutic Day Treatment for School-Aged Children Crisis Intervention Medication Services DCFS Programs Early Interv...

Western Arkansas Counseling and

3113 South 70th Street
Fort Smith, AR - 72903

(479) 478-6664


Western Arkansas Counseling and

2705 Oak Lane
Van Buren, AR - 72956

(479) 474-8084